A Plan for Tanworth Parish

In 2014 the Parish Council decided that Tanworth should prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan and they established a Steering Group to explore it. The purpose of this web site is to help residents keep informed of progress and where we have got in the Tanworth Parish and provide easy access to key documents and evidence. It also allows us to share and consult on the possible content of a future NDP.

Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs), introduced in 2011, for the first time enable local communities to decide the future of the places where they live and/or work. Once approved, they will often be decisive in how future planning applications are decided. Applications will no longer be matters for the District Council alone.

The Plan must have regard to national planning policies and be broadly consistent with the Stratford District Council Plan for the District. The key documents can be found under Supporting Material

The Tanworth Neighbourhood Development Plan will influence the future of the Parish, including the principal settlements of Tanworth, Earlswood, Wood End as well as Forshaw Heath and Danzey.  It will cover housing (where and what sort of new homes should be built), the local economy, transport, social facilities, and, of course, how best to protect our environment.

The Plan, when produced, will have to be the subject of a referendum and will only be approved if a majority of the residents voting in the referendum support the Plan.  However, we are some way from that stage in the process at present. So, where have we got to?

The following has been done

  • In 2015 we delivered a questionnaire to every person in the Parish.
  • We have completed a survey of businesses and employers in the Parish and analysed the results
  • We have identified the issues that we think the Plan should cover based on the results of the Surveys and proposals in the District Council’s Core Strategy that affect the Parish.
  • We have completed an assessment of the environmental character of the main settlements and surrounding landscapes.  This will provide the basis for design and environmental policies.
  • Researched Censuses and other published data including planning permissions in the last 15 years.
  • Commissioned a Housing Needs Survey undertaken by the Warwickshire Rural Community Council.

All of the above documents can be found under “Supporting Material”

The next step is to consult widely with residents on the issues, the options for dealing with them and possible proposals and policies. A very early draft of the Consultation Paper was discussed with the Parish Council at a meeting open to the public and we are now incorporating that feedback as well as taking advice from planning consultants and the District Council.
We therefore hope to have a document fit for wider consultation in September which we will place on this website along with a comment form. We will also be holding a series of consultation meetings around the Parish and the dates will be widely published and included on this website.
It goes without saying that we always need help and anyone with some spare time and an interest in the future of the Parish should contact Mike Saunders or Jonathan Ashcroft