UPDATE May 2018

What a great turn out for the Tanworth and Earlswood open days held on 5th and 14th of May. Thank you so much to those who attended and provided feedback and ideas. A summary of the community feedback can be found here  


A Plan for Tanworth Parish (UPDATED 11TH  APRIL 2018)

In 2014 the Parish Council decided that Tanworth should have a Neighbourhood Development Plan. The purpose of this web site is to help residents keep up to date with progress and provide easy access to key documents and evidence.
Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs), introduced in 2011, for the first time enable local communities to decide the future of the places where they live and/or work. Once approved they will often be decisive in how future planning applications are decided. Applications will no longer be matters for the District Council alone.

The Plan must have regard to national planning policies and be broadly consistent with the Stratford District Councils Plan for the District, the Core Strategy. The key documents can be found under Supporting Material in the menu to the right hand side of the website.

The Tanworth Neighbourhood Development Plan will influence the future of the Parish, including the principal settlements of Tanworth, Earlswood, Wood End as well as Forshaw Heath and Danzey. It will cover housing (whether there is a specific need and if so where and what sort of new homes should be built), the local economy, transport, social facilities, and, of course, how best to protect our environment. Note that there is no longer a necessity to promote sites or target a specific number of houses within the NDP if not desired.

The Plan, when produced, will have to be the subject of a referendum and will only be approved if a majority of the residents voting in the referendum support the Plan. However, we are some way from that stage in the process. So, where have we got to?

The following has been done

  •  In 2015 we delivered a questionnaire to every person in the Parish.
  •  We have identified the issues that we think the Plan should cover based on the results of a Residents’ Survey; and proposals in the District Council’s Core Strategy that affect the Parish.
  • We have carried out a survey of businesses and employers in the Parish and analysed the results.
  • We have completed an assessment of the environmental character of the main settlements and surrounding landscapes. This will provide the basis for design and environmental policies.
  • Researched Censuses and other published data including planning permissions in the last 17 years.
  • Commissioned a Housing Needs Survey by the Warwickshire Rural Community Council.

All of the above documents can be found under the heading “NDP Key Documents Supporting Materials” to the right  of the website. They are available to download and print or just read online.

The next step is to consult widely with residents on the main issues, the options for dealing with them and possible proposals and policies. It is clear from the work done to date that an NDP should support further environmental protection for the Parish and its rural character. The important issues are likely to be around whether there exists a housing need, particularly for lower cost homes for local people (younger families or older households wanting to downsize and remain in the Parish) and we would particularly like to hear views in this regard and the potential sites available should they be warranted.

A Consultation Paper has now been agreed by the Parish Council which will allow residents every opportunity to comment on the key questions. A copy of the summary of the consultation will be posted to every household in the parish in mid-April, along with a covering letter, a 2-page questionnaire and a reply paid envelope to return it to Stratford District Council. Further questionnaires can be printed off from the website or obtained free of charge from the parish council office or the NDP Website. PLEASE CLICK HERE

We are also holding two open days to give you the opportunity to ask questions on the matters raised and to help you to formulate your views. The dates for these are

  • 5th May Earlswood Village Hall – 12 – 4pm with introductions made at 12 and 2pm
  • 14th May Tanworth Village Hall – 10am – 12pm; 2 – 4pm; and 6 – 7pm

It is likely that the two Residents Associations will also hold meetings to discuss the Consultation Paper.

We very much look forward to hearing your views in order to write a final draft NDP which will ultimately be subject to a local referendum